Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Failed Icebreakers

Think back to your first day of College.  You're in a new place with new people, ready to show the world who's boss.  Ready to experience new things, write your own story, and live a life that you can call your own.

When I first started LSU, I was terrified of all the new people.  At the time, like everyone else, I was still figuring out who I was and super, super awkward.  I had somehow convinced myself that every time that I met someone new, that was the most meaningful interaction that I'd ever have with them.  You can't undo first impressions... right?

Wrong.  I found out pretty quickly that these people would eventually accept me even if I didn't make the best first impression.  As a result, I became more secure in who I am.  Happy story.

Fast forward 7 years & when time came for me to start over again at Belmont, I started having classes and meeting strangers.  I thought: "Now Hays, you've already done this once.  You shouldn't be awkward this time around.  Just relax and be yourself."  Easy enough, right?  False.

Just as awkward as the 1st time around, if not more so. I'd try to talk to my classmates, only to realize that I had little to nothing in common with them.  At least when I started LSU, the other people were my age.

Here are just a few of my failed icebreakers:

"Cool binder.  It looks like a Trapper Keeper... Wait, 'What's a Trapper Keeper'?  It's like a binder, but way awesomer (Insert blank stare from classmate)"

"Yeah, my night was pretty crazy too.  My wife & I stayed up til midnight, watching 'Top Chef' on Bravo.  I think that I actually fell asleep before the elimination..."

"Y'all are like the Breakfast club.  (again, blank stares)"
"Nah, you guys go ahead to eat.  I packed some sandwiches for lunch... No, I'm not kidding.  They're right here."
"No, I don't think that I've ever purchased a Katy Perry album."
"Does anyone else think that the Dean looks like Mr. Belding?... You know, the principal from... Nevermind (sigh)"

"I can name all of the characters from Nickelodeon's 'Doug' and their color.  Wanna hear?"

Classmate: "How old are you again?"
Me: "24.  Almost 25"
Classmate:  "That's cool.  My theory professor's 25"
Me: "Oh... Cool..."

Me:  "You ever just wake up & your back aches?"
Classmate:  "No, my Dad used to have problems like that all the time.  He had surgery."
Me:  "Yeah, me neither..."

So, there's that.  I'm super awkward.  Big surprise.  It's ok, because just like before, they'll come around... right?


Natalie Claire Met said...

Lol! Brandon you are too funny. It's a good thing first impressions don't always stick ;)

Jake said...

Well.....Sounds like everyone up there is lame. Guess you and Kate should come on back now. Yep, makes sense to me. Just come on back. No harm, no foul. We'll just all pretend you never left.

See you soon,

Jenny said...

brandon! i'm so glad you're blogging and even more glad that it's completely hilarious and entertaining :) pretty sure the first time we met it went a little something like this:

J : "cool, i live on campus too."
B : "really where?"
J : "Blake"
B : "i'm just a couple buildings over"
J : "awesome"
B : "so ummm...do you think i can bum a ride home after this??"

lol! i remember thinking: 1. how does this guy get places? and 2. you definitely don't have any trust issues with complete strangers.

leslie said...

LOVE IT!! and...i miss y'all :-(

Ashley said...

Thanks, Brandon! Trace had surgery yesterday (tonsils, etc.) and I just sat down to unwind/destress a little and I found myself laughing out loud (yeah, I spelled it out) at your blog. Much needed and keep 'em coming!

Miss you and and that sweet little wife of yours.

Deb Peterson said...

Hi Brandon,
Loved finding your blog. I blogged about you on my Continuing Ed. site at About.com: http://adulted.about.com/

Nice to meet you!

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